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How To Hire Construction Equipment

Equipment Hire – Home Construction Guide


If you're looking to complete a one-off construction or renovation project at home, your best option will be to hire the equipment. Equipment hire will reduce your costs, time and stress, ensuring your project is completed on time and budget. In this guide, we'll provide a break-down on just a few of the different types of equipment you can hire.

Over USD$87 Billion is Spent on Equipment Hire Annually on Average Across the Globe...


Compactors come in a variety of different styles. For small backyard projects where you need to compact soil. such as paving, a vibrating plate compactor or rammer / jumping jack will suffice. These hand operated models that are designed to fit in small areas. A vibrating plate compactor creates downward force which combines with the weight of the machine to compact the soil. On the other hand, a rammer acts like a jack hammer, but has a flat surface instead of a pointed end.

For larger construction projects you’ll need a roller, which come in smooth roller (vibrating or static), sheepsfoot and pneumatic options. These models are generally used for larger construction projects where you need to flatten asphalt roads, graded sand, gravel and crushed rock.


Dingo is actually a brand that manufactures a range of mini loaders and attachments. They have forged a solid reputation within Australia for producing high quality machines that are suited to a wide range of projects and stand the test of time. Dingo machines can be used for everything from digging to lifting bricks, levelling soil, breaking rocks and transporting materials, just to name a few.


Trailers can be used for a wide range of home improvement needs. You may need to add or remove soil or rocks from your property, or you may need to transport equipment to and from your home. Like most equipment hire products, trailer come in a huge variety of sizes and types.

If you’re transporting goods that are difficult to restrain, you’ll want to choose a caged trailer. Enclosed from all sides, they’ll provide much more secure than a box or flat bed trailer. 

Equipment Hire Providers

I have personally used The Hire Guys Wangara for a variety of equipment hire solutions. With a yard located in Wangara, in the northern suburbs of Perth, they have a huge range of equipment hire options, for both DIYers and tradesmen alike. Their staff are always friendly, professional and willing to offer expert advice tailored to your individual project.


Equipment Hire Perth
The Hire Guys Wangara yard, where you can view a huge range of their equipment hire solutions.

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