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Vacuum Lifters – A Beginner’s Guide


Vacuum Lifters are becoming more and more popular on construction sites throughout Australia. They are replacing traditional lifting equipment such as hoists and chains because they offer superior safety, productivity, liability and versatility. In this beginner's guide we break down the benefits in detail.

It is estimated that manual handling injuries cost the Australian economy $28 billion every year....

Safety & Liability

The number 1 reason that vacuum lifters are used on worksites would have to be safety and liability. With workplace injury and death so prevalent on Australian worksites, a vacuum lifter will undoubtably make your workplace safer.

This offers the combined benefit of being able to comply with industry regulations and minimising insurance claims related to workplace injuries, which is a highly attractive asset to most large construction companies.



It’s a common misconception that vacuum lifters only lift glass. In fact, they’re far more versatile and can be used to lift, rotate, elevate and manipulate everything from sheets of metal to concrete and stone, not to mention several other non-porous materials. 

They can also be suited to either indoor or outdoor applications. Some models are even able to fit into very confined areas, move in any direction and turn on their own axis. For tight indoor applications, Smartlift has a range of vacuum lifters that can be controlled by a remote and will fit through narrow corridors. Whereas, the Oktopus range is the best option if you’re looking for large-scale outdoor applications where an attachment can be fitted to a crane and accompanied by a counterweight system. You’ll just about certainly find a vacuum lifter for any job you require. 


Traditional forms of rigging, balancing, and monitoring heavy loads not only decrease safety but can also be laborious.

The task of attaching a load for rigging will typically require several workers including those who need to climb on top of the it while others need to position themselves on the ground.

By comparison, a vacuum lifter will often only require a single operator, who can avoid the need to attach loads to slings. 

This allows construction companies to reduce labour costs, not too mention time and delays in production. 

Vacuum Lifter Suppliers

Zone Group are Australia’s most reputable supplier of vacuum lifters for hire and sale. With a yard located in Kenwick, Western Australia, they are an authorised dealer of both Smartlift and Oktopus vacuum lifters.


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